Photoshoot preparation guide – what to wear

This is a guide for personal branding and lifestyle photoshoots, to help you with a few tips on what to wear on the day of your shoot.

Planning ahead:
1. You may like to browse through Pinterest or look for hashtags such as #personalbranding or #lifestyleportraits on Instagram to get a few ideas on the styles of outfits you like best and may be able to replicate with the items you have in your wardrobe.
2. Consider the weather, and check the forecast: it’s important that you are comfortable on the day of your shoot, especially if we will be taking photos outdoors. Dress warmly with a few different interchangeable layers in cool weather, and dress light with 1-2 softer layers in warm weather.
3. If you have seen any examples of the types of photos you would like (Instagram, Pinterest etc) please take screenshots and send to me. Every photographer has their own unique style but it’s always helpful to see a few examples if the client has some ideas in mind.
1. Please wear your best comfortable outfit. The best clothing for a lifestyle shoot is the outfit that you feel great in. Something you can move comfortably in, sit, stand and not have to “think about” too much.  
2. Block colours and fine prints usually work better than large prints.
3. Try on a few outfits in front of the mirror at home and move around in some different poses. Don’t forget to consider how tops/shirts look if leaning forward or sitting/standing straight up tall (eg avoid gaping or ‘popping’ buttons). Consider the right undergarments, and ensure they are invisible.
4. You may like to bring a choice of 2-3 jackets or cardigans to change up your style during the shoot and to keep warm if it’s a cooler day.
5. Hats, sunglasses and handbags can all make great accessories and can add interest to your photos so feel free to bring these along and we will play around with some shots wearing them and some shots without.
Hair & Makeup:
1. Makeup: natural and softer tones are best for a daytime outdoors shoot, avoid overly glossy or shimmery makeup. Check your makeup in a mirror in natural light.
2. If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup I suggest a matte finishing powder for facial skin, a brow tidy up, a tinted lip balm and mascara – this is all it can take to create a fresh, photo ready face.
2. Hairstyle – is the same advice as clothing – the style that you feel best in is always the best option. For those with longer or curly hair – a little extra body can look great in photos, avoid tight ponytails unless that is part of the style you have planned for.
3. Don’t forget to bring any items you may like for touch-ups during the shoot. 
Props / Extras:
1. Feel free to bring a few items of your work, your books, your tools, your creations, or some other special piece that says a little more about who you are and what you do. 

2. On the day don’t forget a bottle of water to keep hydrated if we’ll be shooting outdoors, and a mirror for makeup touch ups especially in hot weather.

3. Pack all your extras into a bag that you can carry around with you during the shoot, so we can take everything from location to location.